Creatively Frustrated

For the past five years I’ve been developing, polishing, and pacing what I hope will eventually be my first novel. I’ve been writing and reading my whole life, but I’ve never put paper to pen long enough to write an entire novella.  I can feel the story crying out to be written, and the voice of creativity shows no signs of holding its tongue.

As mentioned in my previous post A Forgotten Flame, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts again lately, and yesterday I listened to a podcast in which the host spoke about being productive as a writer. Most of what was said would probably be considered common sense to many; such as: “Read a lot, and write a lot.” Which is great advice, but also something that I’ve already heard, many times before.

What did fascinate me, to the extent that I immediately grabbed a notebook and pen to write down what I had heard, was the last point of advice that he gave. I won’t beat around the bush, so here it is:

Once a day, do something creative, and then write it down on your calendar.  Keep on doing at least one creative thing a day, and eventually you won’t want to miss a “something creative” day because of all the positive, creative momentum that you’ve built up. The idea being that you’ll eventually reach  a point in your life wherein each day will always provide you with a creative achievement to your name.

Now, it is worth mentioning that we all have different ideas of what constitutes as a creative achievement, and that’s great! Our creativity differs, which is kind of the defining characteristic of creativity.

Personally, this blog post is today’s creativity challenge.  I’m a little sick. I’m not feeling well, and I have some work to catch up on, but gosh dangit, I’m writing this post!

Ultimately, the novel I write will be a collection of many days’ creative writings culminated into one story of epicosity.  I know that’s not a word, but screw it, I’m sick.


Are you feeling creatively frustrated?

Are you hungry for a creativity revival?

Are you someone who’s been waiting too long to get things done?

Well then…

Take it one step at a time.  Or in this case, one creative gesture of symbolic freedom, at a time. Draw a picture, write a poem.  Write a sentence.  Whatever!



P.S. This damn cold better go away, or I’ll be forced to write about it.