Dungeons and Dragons… and lots and lots of rules.

I recently started developing a massive interest in Table Top Gaming. So I went to my local comic book store and bought a Dungeons and Dragons starter set. The reason I opted for D&D was because it just seemed like the right place to start.  Just like if you were to start reading fantasy,  J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings would be the perfect place to begin.  D&D was my Lord Of The Rings.

I patiently waited for us to get home before gently, and at the same time violently, ripping off the plastic covering that was separating me from the magical, and beautiful land of the Forgotten Realms.  A smile ripped it’s way across my face, and much like a Heath Ledger Joker, these scars would be not be leaving anytime soon.  I called my two younger sisters and older brother in excitement.  It was time to play Dungeons and Dragons.  The enthralling, almost electric pulse of adrenaline was all over the room.  As we sat down, I realized that I had forgotten the most important part of any game:  The rules.

I looked at them all and asked if they didn’t mind me quickly having a glance at the rule book before we began. Once I had a basic idea of how things worked, we could work our way through the game, and also find out what was, and wasn’t allowed.  I took the manual from the box and gave it a good looking.  I began at the first chapter, everything you need to know to start playing.  15 minutes later I reached the second chapter: Combat, which was even longer than the initial rules chapter.  I decided to give it all a quick glance instead of trying to give it a detailed read.  I started paging through the now intimidating manual of “basic” rules.  The pages just kept on turning…  New concept after new concept.  I realized that this wasn’t just another game of UNO.  This was Dungeons and Dragons.  Arguably one of the most well known fantasy board games ever crafted by human hands.  I took a deep breath and told my siblings that we weren’t going to be playing D&D that evening, or the next.  We all laughed and decided to play the easier to grasp Zombie Dice instead.

I’ve been reading the D&D manual for the past week and almost have a full grasp on most of the rules.  Since D&D is mostly just imagination fueling the game,  there have to be a lot of rules dictating what can and can’t be done, since the game is actually limitless.  From what I’ve read already, the game looks fascinating and exciting.  Perhaps we’ll get to slay a dragon sooner than expected.  Whenever that does happen though, I’m sure that it’s going to be well worth the wait.