Did I Miss The Memo?

Lying on my warm, comfortable bed, listening to some smooth jazz while gently sipping from my cup filled with tea is really the way I’d love to spend most of my time. It’s the way I like to unwind.  The way I like to forget about all the troubles this world likes to throw at us. Miles Davis and some Camomile for me thanks.

There seems to be a really odd and quite frankly, silly, social stigma going around these days. That it’s okay for young people to go out and get floorfaced drunk and party till the next weekend. Now, I know how saying that makes me sound.  Like some old prune of a man who hates fun. DAMN YOU FUN. Well actually, I’m not against fun, at all.  I love fun, and I think it’s important for young dudes and dudettes to go out and live life to the fullest.


My problem is not people not having a problem with all the excessive alcohol.  My problem is that people think that it’s okay, and then giving me and my friends a tough time because we don’t like to get floorfaced drunk every weekend.  It’s strange and weird for us to enjoy things like board games or cosplay, but it’s “normal” for us to go out and do things we’ve been told are wrong our whole lives.

Did I miss the memo?

Please forgive the rant.

Dylan   A.K.A. The prune of a man who hates fun