Hell Yes I Like To Party

This past weekend I attended a party. But not just any kind of party.  This, peasants, was a Board Game Party.  Hosted by a local company here in The South of Africa in the city of Johannesburg.  A good friend of mine and I decided to go.  It should be no surprise to you, regular and valued DWIWINS reader, that I am in fact, a HUGE board game enthusiast.  It might however come as a surprise to you that I have never been to a party of that type before, until this past weekend.

We walked through the doors and witnessed what can only be described as what I hope heaven looks like. Lots and lots of super friendly people laughing and having a genuinely good time. All of them in communion with one another, thinking with each other, and trying to beat each other, in most cases that is.

This was not a movie you go and watch with your friends, a movie where you go and sit down to watch a big screen and usually don’t say more than a few badly timed whispers to your friends. This… was table top gaming the way it’s meant to be. We walked in and paid a small fee.  The payment let us play as many games as we wanted, as much as we wanted. It also included all you can drink coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and juice.  Yes, hot chocolate.  ALL YOU CAN FREKEN DRINK.

We explored new games and made new friends. We played an amazingly fun game called Smash Up, which I actually bought before leaving.  We couldn’t spend as much time as we would have liked, but the three hours we did spend there, were arguably the best three hours of my week. Needless to say, I CANNOT wait for the next one!




In Flux

I recently discovered a card game called Fluxx, and it instantly became one of my favourites because of one simple reason. And that reason is that Fluxx has one simple rule: Draw a card (from a deck of cards) and then, play a card.  Simple, right?  No.  The thing about Fluxx is… the rules constantly change.  That card that you drew from the deck might be a “new rule” card, which can then be played.  The “new rule” card will then change the current rules.  Crazy right! Well yeah, that’s why the game is called Fluxx, because the rules are constantly “in flux.” Cue the witty giggle.  Anyway I thought that that was quite interesting.

Apart from the discovery of a new card game, my life has been pretty busy lately. Working as a full time lecturer and studying copywriting part time is no joke.  Apart from work and studies I also have to find time to write.  I’ve recently been asked to write for a new website called Business Casual.  I’m really enjoying that because it’s taking me out of my comfort zone, writing about topics I don’t generally find myself writing about.

Apart from studies, work, this blog, and the Business Casual website, I’ve also recently been contacted in regards to a big project. I won’t go into that too much now but big things, and even bigger opportunities are on the rise.

I’m pretty much always working one way or another. In the rare moments of free time you’ll find me writing music, playing a board game, or learning Mandarin.  What I’ve noticed is that in this current chapter of my life (being busy all the time) I am actually the happiest I’ve ever been.  This constant feeling of productivity has really slapped me through the face, permanently leaving a smile on my face, and more importantly a happy heart.  Very poetic I know.

Having said all that… where I am in my life right now has enabled me to reflect on something I heard many years ago on a much deeper scale. I don’t know who said it, but it goes something like this…

“Work is more fun than fun.”

I can officially wholly agree with that statement, although I might make one slight adjustment and say: “Productivity is more fun than fun.”

Now stop reading this blog, and go and be productive. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, I promise.




Yacht Happiness

First of all:  This Is my first real post that isn’t an introductory one, yay!  Hi Ho Silver and all that.  Now, let’s get down to business, the bloggy business.

Over the last two to three years, I’ve often heard people speak about: “Finding your voice.” and how, as a writer, one needs to find the sound and style they wish to convey to the audience.

Easier said than done.

This logic suggests that I will slowly discover my voice as a writer, and consequentially, the voice of this blog.  What’s the point of all this meandering about voice you might ask.  Well, basically… I don’t have a voice for this blog yet, and as a result do not  have a direct target to aim for now that I have started writing it.  In other words:  This Blog will find its own sound, its own voice, and its own style.  For now, I’ll just put some words together and slowly draw the outline of what will eventually be the canvas of personality and style that is, my blog.  Sound a bit cocky don’t I?  My apologies.

Now that the bloggy business is out of the way, let’s get to the first (non-introductory) post for this Blog.

Yacht Happiness

Now, you may be asking yourself: Yacht happiness?

Yes.  Yacht happiness.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  The happiness you feel if you own a yacht, or more precisely, have vacations using that yacht.  Let’s assume that somewhere in the world, Leonardo Dicaprio is sitting on a yacht.  He takes a deep breath of refreshingly clean ocean air and smiles.  He looks to his left and sees several super models talking about diets or something.  He laughs.

Sounds pretty happy right?  Yes, it does.  That my friends, is yacht happiness.

Now let’s imagine that somewhere else in the world, there is a man named George.  George likes potatoes, a lot.  His favourite restaurant serves a particularly lovely roast potato meal.  Every Sunday he drives there for this meal.  One day, he finds out that they have removed it from the menu.  He is devastated.  A year goes by and he can hardly look at a potato without weeping.  One night George decides that he needs to move on from his potato past.  He drives to the restaurant to make amends with the chef who was responsible for the terrible crime of changing the menu.  As he walks through the door, a familiar smell slaps him through the face.  The roast potato special is back.  George sheds tears of delight and joy.  All is forgiven and no questions are asked once he has eaten his fifth plate.

Sounds pretty happy right?  Yes, it does. That my friends, is potato happiness.

Now, my point.  To put it bluntly, is that…

Yacht Happiness = Potato Happiness

You, the reader, have experienced both of these levels of joy at some stage in your life. To suggest that the happiness old Leo experiences on his yacht is somehow, better than the happiness George experienced when they brought back the potato special, is actually pure nonsense.  Many people think that once they have more money, or once they have enough money to get that nice car, or nice house, it means that they will experience a new kind of happiness: yacht happiness.  Now, let me not confuse you.  You will experience happiness.  That happiness will not however be a better brand of happiness compared to what you are used to.  The sooner we realise this, the easier life becomes.

So whether your happy about your first cup of coffee in the morning, or happy about the fact that your fifth flat-screen TV didn’t break after you threw your Rolex at it.  The happiness is the same. It is we who give happiness its own category, when it has none.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat a potato on my yacht.