Creatively Frustrated

For the past five years I’ve been developing, polishing, and pacing what I hope will eventually be my first novel. I’ve been writing and reading my whole life, but I’ve never put paper to pen long enough to write an entire novella.  I can feel the story crying out to be written, and the voice of creativity shows no signs of holding its tongue.

As mentioned in my previous post A Forgotten Flame, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts again lately, and yesterday I listened to a podcast in which the host spoke about being productive as a writer. Most of what was said would probably be considered common sense to many; such as: “Read a lot, and write a lot.” Which is great advice, but also something that I’ve already heard, many times before.

What did fascinate me, to the extent that I immediately grabbed a notebook and pen to write down what I had heard, was the last point of advice that he gave. I won’t beat around the bush, so here it is:

Once a day, do something creative, and then write it down on your calendar.  Keep on doing at least one creative thing a day, and eventually you won’t want to miss a “something creative” day because of all the positive, creative momentum that you’ve built up. The idea being that you’ll eventually reach  a point in your life wherein each day will always provide you with a creative achievement to your name.

Now, it is worth mentioning that we all have different ideas of what constitutes as a creative achievement, and that’s great! Our creativity differs, which is kind of the defining characteristic of creativity.

Personally, this blog post is today’s creativity challenge.  I’m a little sick. I’m not feeling well, and I have some work to catch up on, but gosh dangit, I’m writing this post!

Ultimately, the novel I write will be a collection of many days’ creative writings culminated into one story of epicosity.  I know that’s not a word, but screw it, I’m sick.


Are you feeling creatively frustrated?

Are you hungry for a creativity revival?

Are you someone who’s been waiting too long to get things done?

Well then…

Take it one step at a time.  Or in this case, one creative gesture of symbolic freedom, at a time. Draw a picture, write a poem.  Write a sentence.  Whatever!



P.S. This damn cold better go away, or I’ll be forced to write about it.


A Forgotten Flame

Recently I rediscovered something that I used to have a deep admiration for.  The interest in this particular thing had faded over time and eventually completed disappeared from the spectrum of my interests.  What is it you ask?  Well, technically it’s not an “it” but rather a “something.”  Okay, I’m taking to long to get to the point.  Here goes…


I recently started listening to all my favourite podcasts again.  Now for those of you who don’t know, podcasts are basically like radio shows, except they’re recorded in the form of episodes and are usually released exclusively via the internet.  Some of my favourites include:

The Nerdist Podcast, Fatman on Batman, Smodcast, and my absolute favourite podcast of all time… Radio Free Burrito, which is a podcast written and performed by Wil Wheaton, the person who actually got me through several rough patches in my life.

So anyway, I started listening to these podcasts again and catching up on all the episodes that I’d missed, and during all this catching up I felt a kind of sudden shock.  Why on God’s good Earth had I lost interest in something that I so clearly have an absolute passion for?  Doesn’t being passionate about something mean that you should never tire of it? Apparently not.

I went through the archives on several websites and listened to these internet radio shows every day when I had a chance, or if I had to spend some time doing menial tasks.  But the more I listened the more I struggled with the fact that I had simply forgotten and left these wonderful podcasts behind, in the blink of an eye.  It then occurred to me what had happened.   To put it simply, I had gotten so busy trying to find things to be passionate about and to love, that I had completely forgotten to be passionate about and love the things that I had already found.  It sounds tremendously silly but that’s what happened.

So here I sit on a wonderfully calm Tuesday evening listening to a podcast, writing this article, and smiling, because I get to spend my evening doing two things that I love and am incredibly passionate about: To listen to people who inspire me to be better and to work harder. And to write about the wonderfully simple and elegant medium with which they do that:  Podcasting.

So I urge you to take a step back and look at your old loves.  The things you used to be passionate about.  Why did those passions disappear?  Is passion like a candle that slowly melts away, or is It rather a rapidly burning fire that needs to be fed accordingly? 

So don’t spend too much time trying to find things to be passionate about. Odds are you’ve already found them.  You just need to be reminded as to why you loved them in the first place.